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   : 04.06.09 13:49. : Resolution (decision) of the Third European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians

Resolution (decision) of the Third European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians

(Dated 30 May 2009)

We, the 100 delegates from 13 districts of the region, 12 delegates from abroad (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Russia), and 150 guests of the Third ENCSR,
met May 30, 2009 in Mukachevo (in Ruthenians House, 30, Mir Sq.)

We have a great sense of responsibility to the ancestors and descendants for the fate of the Ruthenian people, the importance of our decisions, their relevance and legitimacy for the Ruthenian nation.

Today the political circles of Kiev deny the right of Subcarpathian Ruthenian people to rebuild their nationality, and the right to their self-determination. Since proclamation of the political and national identity of the Ruthenian Nation in 1918 and re-expression in the referendum-plebiscite in 1991 (when 78.2% of population of the province opted for the status of "special self-governing administrative territory), government of Kiev in fact absolved themselves of responsibility of a favourable solution of the" Ruthenian issue, which was a crime against humaneness.

Theoretical substantiation of Ukrainian policy of ethno- and genocide of Ruthenians were Ukrainian pseudoscientific circles claiming that "Ruthenian was the former name of Ukrainian", and those calling themselves Ruthenians were agents of hostile countries "and "enemies of Ukraine." Moreover, developed at the state level, the 1996 "Plan of action to address the Ukrainian-Ruthenian issue" in the form of ethno-liquidation of the Ruthenian nationality, for the Ukrainian authorities and special services at all levels became the "legal requirement" for a final solution of "the Ruthenian question" in the form of genocide.

It has been already 18 years in the Ruthenian province of the official Kiev implementing policy of not only cultural ethnocide, but also bearing evident classic signs of genocide, including the destruction of national and intellectual environment of Ruthenians.

ENCSR states that:

1) There is a continuous savage, destructive in its consequences clear-cutting of the Carpathian woods, irrational use of mineral waters and rare minerals in the Ruthenian territory.

2) The area for centuries is being polluted by heavy metals and their salts from Muzhievo deposit by the lead-zinc ore enrichment plant, and by dumping here large quantities of toxic industrial waste from Europe.

3) Active working population of the area due to poverty and national powerlessness is being steadily extruded abroad.

4) approximately 300 thousand (i.e., half of working Ruthenians) are forced to seek a source of living for their families abroad. The latter is a clearly planned policy of stealthy deportation of the Ruthenians from their national territory.

5) The new generation is being brought up without any knowledge of their history, their ancestors, without parental care, living in an environment of chronic environmental disaster and the impending humanitarian catastrophe.

6) Ukraine criminally implements the policy of forced assimilation of the Ruthenian people, their forced Ukrainization, systematically destroys use of the Ruthenian language, traditions and culture.

7) There are no Ruthenian schools in the province, no Ruthenian Department in Uzhgorod National University, and the mere mention of the term Ruthenian is virtually banned.

8) Totalitarian government of Ukraine has followed a consistent policy of artificial lowering of the number of Ruthenians, living on their land.

9) There is a continuous harassment by the Ukrainian secret services of the spiritual leader of Subcarpathian Ruthenians Dimitry Sidor, and other leaders of Ruthenian organizations.

This shameful policy to solve "the Ruthenian issue", carried out by Ukraine, on behalf of the 3rd European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians compels us to re-appeal to the world public , the delegates and guests of the 10th World Congress of the Ruthenians in Serbia, all Ruthenian Diaspora in the world, all Ruthenians in scattering, for effective support in the implementation of the will of the Ruthenian people in the plebiscite of 1 Dec, 1991, and for ending of discrimination on ethnic grounds, which bears distinct signs of genocide of the Ruthenian people. For all of us, it is abundantly clear that the most effective way to preserve Ruthenian people is to take decisive actions through joint and concerted efforts.
We come forward with the proposal of joint action to the World Congress of the Ruthenians in Serbia and the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians in Prague- Pardubice to coordinate their work on saving the nation from criminal ethnocide and forced assimilation of the Ruthenians in Ukraine and, therefore, adopt the following decision:

1.1. To confirm the resolution of the Second European Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians in Mukachevo, 25 October 2008 about the restoration of pre-Soviet (before 21 Jan 1946) status of the Republic of Subcarpathian Ruthenia.

2.2. To change the name of the European Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians to the European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians (ENCSR).

3. 3 To condemn the continuing discrimination and facts of ethnocide of Subcarpathian Ruthenians by the Ukrainian authorities, which bears the signs of genocide of Ruthenian nation in the heart of Europe.

4. 4. To send a letter to the delegates of the Tenth World Congress of the Ruthenians in Serbia and Croatia, 4-7 of June and personally to P.R. Magocsi with the proposition of cooperation with the World Congress of the Ruthenians in the field of culture and education, from following organizations:

a) World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians;

b) European Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians;

c) The Government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Ruthenia;
d) People's [Rada] of SR;
e) Parliament [Soym] of Subcarpathian Ruthenians.

The above organizations firmly and irrevocably raised the issue of political recognition by Kiev of Subcarpathian Ruthenians as a separate nationality, and the restoration of the status of pre-Soviet national territory of the Ruthenians to the South of the Carpathians", as recognised by the whole world.

5. 5. To accept by the European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians new members along with [Soym] SR, namely:

a) Transcarpathian society of Subcarpathian Ruthenians, that formed from the disparted People's Parliament of Transcarpathian Ruthenians;
b) Peoples Rada of Subcarpathian Ruthenia;
c) Regional union "Ruthenian land".

6. 6. To elect among the delegates of the 3rd PCSR ( Peoples Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians) RUTHENIAN NATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (headed by Dimitry Sidor), which would help to protect members of the movement from persecution, achieve an agreement between the Ruthenian organizations home and abroad, and would be representative body of ENCSR in a period between Congresses.

7. 7. To initiate the establishment of the World National Coordinating [Rada] of the Ruthenians amongst the members of Ruthenian National Congresses in order to unite all Ruthenians in the world.

8. 8 To delegate legislative development of the Ruthenian movement to the [Soym] of SR and People's Parliament.

We believe that the world community will not allow anyone, including Ukraine, to destroy the most ancient Slavic nation next to the Carpathian Mountains, truly European peace-loving people living on their land.

112 Delegates of the Third ENCSR, as well as of the Second ECSR, put their signatures on both sides of the original of this Resolution.

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